Bruggsmidjan ehf. was established in December 2005, so the company is very young but it has gone through a lot of changes and has been enlarged twice since it was opened. The idea of making a mini brewery came from two people in Árskogssandur, the couple Agnes Anna and Olafur Trostur, after Agnes saw a small news report on Icelandic television. The report was about growing popularity of small breweries in Denmark, and a week later they were in Denmark to see breweries. Early in 2006 they found investers and today there are 15 individuals who share 44% of the company, and Agnes and Olafur own 56%.

The idea for Agnes and Olafur was to make a new brand of beer to sell, and they only wanted to make a beer which had high quality and rich taste, so they chose to use a Czech tradition beacause beers from Czech Republic are known for their good quality. Agnes and Olafur had two options of making the beer, they could either find a beer that they liked and buy the recipe and make the beer in Iceland, or make the choice they did. They hired a brewmaster named David Masa, a brewmaster from Czech and he has studied brewing for 9 years but the standard education is 4 years. They made their own beer from their ideas of good beer. They decided to make high quality beer, and use only the best raw materials they could get. They get all the materials from Czech Republic exept of course the Icelandic fresh water wich they get from a mountain in Arskogssandur.

The outcome  is Kaldi. An Icelandic beer, brewed by a Czech recipe and has only the best materials. The beer has no added sugar or any preservatives, an Kaldi is not pasteurized. All this makes Kaldi as fresh and healthy as he can possibly be.

In the beginning Kaldi was producedin 170.000 lt. per year. But due to very good sale of the beer and lot of requests , they had to add fermentation tanks and after that, Kaldi was produced in 300.000 lt. per year.

 Bruggsmidjan now produces Kaldi, Kaldi dark, Kaldi lite and Gullfoss.


Sigurður Bragi Ólafsson.

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