Our Beers

All of our beers are unpasteurized, without preservatives and added sugar.

Our beer is brewed by German quality law, as in, we only use basic raw materials used in beer: water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

Our barley comes from Czech Republic and the hops are also from Czech Republic, United States, Australia and New-Zealand.

Kaldi blond is the first beer that Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi brought to the market, it is the most sold bottled beer in Iceland. Kaldi blonde is a lager beer but brewed after the famous Pilsner tradition, so he is classified as such. The beer is blond coppar golden with soft filling of roasted malt. The beer is slightly bitter but very gentle. 
Kaldi dark
Kaldi dark is the second beer that Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi brought to the market. This dark pilsner has very darkbrown color and a lot of character with roasted malt and caramel flavour. 
Norðan Kaldi
Norðan Kaldi is the third beer from Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi and also the first ale from the brewery. Norðan Kaldi is an english style ale, amber colored with much filling and a lot of character. 
Stinnings Kaldi
Stinnings Kaldi is the fourth beer from Bruggmiðjan. Stinnings Kaldi is an ale, fermented with english yeast. What makes this beer uniqe is the fact that we added the angelica herb to him. The angelica herb is collected in the Hrisey island and then worked and produced by Saga Medica. The angelica gives a slight liquorice flavour to the beer. 
Kaldi Lite
Kaldi Lite is a light but still very flavourful. Good for people that want light and fresh beers. Flavour: Very fresh, light body, medium bitterness. Food: Fish, chicken, pasta and salat.
Þorra Kaldi
Þorra Kaldi was first put on market the year 2008 but the beer has taken a lot of changes through out the years. Today Þorra Kaldi has a lot of bitterness and resembles a pale ale, but is a Pilsner style. Þorra Kaldi has a golden color and very fresh hops taste and aroma.
Páska Kaldi
Páska Kaldi was brought onto the market in 2009. The beer is a Bock beer with a lot of Caramel flavor. The sweet malt character of this beer is evened out with well balanced Wakatu hops. 
Christmas Kaldi
Christmas of 2008, the Kaldi brewery brougth their first Christmas beer to the market. The beer has a red tone, medium filling and a lot of caramel sweetness and a comfortible bitterness. Christmas Kaldi has enjoyed enormous succsess since he first came to the market and was the most sold bottle beer last christmas. 
Október Kaldi
Október Kaldi is a seasonal beer. It was chosen the best beer at the beer festival in Hólar in 2012. Flavour: medium body, malt, caramel og light bitterness Food: Goes well with most food but specially smoked meat and fish.
Christmas Kaldi Chocolate Porter
Christmas of 2015 Bruggsmiðjan Kaldi brought a new christmas beer to the market, a porter style lager beer with added chocolate. The beer got a lot of credit and the sales where beyond expectations. We predict that he will now be an annual Christmas guest. The porter is darkbrown and has a lot of character, much filling and roasted taste. Underneath is a sweet chocolate taste which comes straigth from the famous icelandic Nóa Sirius chocolate. You can feel slight vanilla tone and rather smooth bitterness.