Malted barley – our malt

Kaldi brewery imports all of it‘s barley from the Czech Republic, from the Moravia Regions. We only use the best quality two-row barley possible. We buy our malt from the malting company Raven Trading, and have been since 2006, since the brewery opened. Our malter and our dear friend Antonín Kolman has supplied us with his product and has his part of our success today. We use a lot of different kinds of malted barley, but the one we use the most is the Pilsen malt that is the foundation of our Czech style Pilsners.



The hops we use to bitter our beers and give them the right aromar come from various countries. For our Czech style Pilsners we use mainly Sládek and Saaz hops. For our India Pale Ale we use American hopssuch as Citra, Mosaic and more. We also buy hops from New-Zealand, Australia and the UK for example.


Water – Directly from our town Mountain

The water we use to make our beer is special in many ways. First of all, the reservoir we get our water from is from a mountain called Sólarfjall and is directly in front of the brewery. Secondly is the quality of our water, it has a desirable pH and is rather soft and mineral free, and it has a huge impact for the outcome of our beers. 



The yeast we use for our beers has to have good stability. All the lager yeast we use for our Pilsners and Lagers comes from a Lab in the Czech Republic, and for our Ales we use a variety of different kinds of yeast that suit‘s each beer.